Neutron Valkyrie

The discipline of Neutron Valkyrie as has its roots in the olden mythologies of the Valkyries and other outsiders of their ilk whom wander the lands between good and evil outsiders. The creator of the discipline was said to to have been an ancient Valkyrie mystic whom – having learned all she could of the path of war from those all along the ring – was told by a seer to delve into the deep and high places where engineers dwell. Having fought through the abominations and metal custodians, she was eventually heavily wounded but saved by an errant engineer. This engineer gave her sustenance and knowledge of universe and a weapon to strike down great beasts. The Valkyrie took this knowledge and shaped it into a martial discipline to bring to her people and turn back the other outsiders attempting to subjugate them. It is said that she was among the first to establish Purgatory and other great cities along the boarders of the outsider lands.

The discipline of Neutron Valkyrie and all of its maneuvers and stances are considered to be supernatural abilities and thus do not function in situations where supernatural abilities will fail. The associated skill for this discipline is Knowledge (Engineering), and its associated weapon groups are heavy blades, hammers, and spears. Using weapons made of neutronium increases the DC of all Neutron Valkyrie maneuvers by 2.

Order of Presentation: In the maneuver lists and descriptions, the maneuvers are grouped alphabetically by level.

Initiator Level: Some maneuvers effects depend on the initiator level, which is usually the character’s level in the class that provides access to martial maneuvers. The word “level” in the maneuver lists always refers to initiator level.

Creatures and Characters: “Creatures” and “characters” are used synonymously in the maneuver descriptions.

Discipline Restrictions: Some disciplines carry specific restrictions on when they can be used, as well as specific rules for those disciplines, as defined in that discipline’s maneuver list.

Table: 1st Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Density Strike Strike Deals +1d6 points of damage and target makes a save vs being knocked prone.
Acceleration Blow Strike +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and possibly make them flat-footed for attack.
Giant’s Weight Boost May make a bull rush check on an attack that connects with an enemy.
Densification Counter You gain DR 5/- vs. a single attack or effect.
Sleipnir’s Stride Stance You gain a +10 ft. bonus to movement speed and an additional +5 ft. every five levels.
Unstable Space Stance Foes in your threatened area take a penalty equal to half of your initiation modifier (minimum 1) to CMD vs bull rush and saves against being knocked prone.
Table: 2nd Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Weight of the Blow Strike Melee attack adds +2d6 damage and target makes a fort save vs being knocked prone.
Break the Bonds Strike Melee attack adds +2d6 damage and you may make a bull rush check.
Slipstream Strike Strike May move up to their full move speed and attack as if using the Vital Strike feat.
Density Bypass Boost Next attack bypasses damage reduction and hardness and has a +2 to attack rolls.
Pyrrhic Reversal Counter Make Knowledge (engineering) check vs an attack roll to halve the damage (if it would hit) and make the enemy provoke an AoO.
Table: 3rd Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Return to Yggdrasil Strike Make an attack and add +4d6 to the damage roll. The target takes a -2 penalty to CMD checks vs bull rush and being knocked prone until the end of your next turn.
Staggering Weight Strike Make an attack that can stagger and knock and enemy prone upon hitting them
Weight of the World Counter Make Knowledge (engineering) check vs an attacking opponent’s CMD to disarm them. If the attack is with a natural weapon, the attack is still negated.
Space-time Disruption Stance You gain a +4 bonus to AC and each round opponents within threatened squares must make a fortitude save vs. being considered flat-footed.
Table: 4th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Reinhardt’s Charge Strike Move in a line, getting an overrun attempt and attack against targets in the line.
Earth Shatter Strike Make an attack at +6d6 damage and force enemies in a cone to be knocked prone.
Density Hammer Boost On your next attack, deal an additional +2d6 damage and gain a bull rush attempt or cause the target to make a fort save vs being knocked prone. If the attack would already do so, increase the DC or CMB roll by your initiation modifier.
Fabric of Space Counter Make a Knowledge (engineering) check. Negate the effect of a spell, power, spell-like, or psi-like ability or redirect it.
Table: 5th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Molecular Destruction Strike Add +9d6 points of damage to your attack roll and make a bull rush check without provoking an AoO. If the target would be stopped by a object such as a wall, apply treat your rolled damage to the object as well. Excess damage can be applied to the next 5 feet of material until there is not enough damage to break through. For each five feet of material that a creature is pushed through, apply that object’s hardness as damage to the creature.
Space-time Compression Strike For every five ranks of Knowledge (engineering), the disciple is considered threatening an additional five feet out. The character may make an attack roll at their full BAB with an additional +4d6 damage against each creature. In addition, all threatened creatures must make a fort save vs being knocked prone. If they are hit with an attack, they take a -5 penalty to the save.
Matter Matters Not Boost Make a Knowledge (engineering) check vs an object. If it meets or exceeds the hardness of the object + 20, you may treat five feet of the material as having equivalent hp to an inch of it for your next attack. Excess damage can be applied to the next 5 feet of material. You ignore the hardness of the object.
Flight of the Valkyrie Stance You gain a flight speed equal to your base movement speed. In addition, while active you may expend this stance for the rest of the encounter to be able to execute a strike at the end of a charge with an additional +4d6 damage.
Table: 6th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Gravity Strike Strike Make a Knowledge (engineering) check. If it meets or beats the the enemy’s CMD, roll damage, add the result of the check to the damage, and the initiator may either make a free bull rush or make the target face a fort save vs being knocked prone.
Hel’s Vengence Strike Make an attack that deals an additional 10d6 points of damage and sunders the target’s armor and natural armor.
Gravity Well Boost All squares within a 30-ft radius are considered difficult terrain for a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier.
Giant’s Resolve Boost Add twice your initiator level to bull rush checks.
Neutron Skin Stance Gain DR 15/- while in this stance. In addition, you gain a +10 bonus to CMD and a +5 bonus to bull rush checks while in this stance.
Table: 7th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Odin’s Spear Boost The disciple may execute a strike with a melee range requirement against a target 10 ft per point of initiation modifier away. The attack automatically hits as if a natural 20 was rolled, but does not threaten a critical threat.
Fenrir’s Claws Strike Make a full attack, with each attack using your highest BAB. For each attack, you may as a free action attempt to sunder an item the opponent possesses or their natural armor.
Völva’s Sight Counter Make a Knowledge (Engineering) check against an opponent’s attack roll. If successful, that attack and all further attacks are negated and that opponent suffers a -10 penalty to the CMD vs bull rush checks and saves vs being knocked prone until the end of your next turn.
Tyr’s Judgement Strike Dispel magical or psionic effects.
Table: 8th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Neutron Hammer Strike Powerful strike that knocks and enemy prone and offers opportunity to bull rush.
Jörmungandr’s Venom Counter Make a counter attack. If it hits, deal a number of points of strength damage to the target equal to twice your initiation modifier.
Event Horizon Stance Stance The initiator gains the benefits of the Blur spell (not subject to True Seeing or similar effects). In addition, all enemies in squares the initiator threatens are automatically considered flat-footed and creatures take penalties.
Table: 9th Level Neutron Valkyrie Maneuvers
Maneuver Type Description
Ragnarok Singularity Strike Strike an enemy and force them to save against the effects of a sphere of annihilation.

Neutron Valkyrie

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