Gravity Warrior

Hit Die: d10


To qualify to become a gravity warrior, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Base Attack Bonus: +5
Skills: Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks, Knowledge (martial) 5 ranks
Maneuvers: Ability to initiate 2nd level maneuvers, including at least one stance.
Special: Must be educated in sciences related to gravitational manipulation for the first level. For progression beyond the first level in this class, the must receive training from another gravity warrior.

Class Skills

The gravity warrior’s class skills (and key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Knowledge (Engineering) (Int), Knowledge (Martial) (Int), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Table: The Gravity Warrior
Level BAB Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Maneuvers Known Maneuvers Readied Stances Fast Movement
1st +1 +1 +1 +0 Gravitational Strength of Arms, Heavy Metal +2 0 0 0 +0 ft.
2nd +2 +1 +1 +1 Lighten Density 1 0 0 +0 ft.
3rd +3 +2 +2 +1 Anti-Gravity Leap 0 1 1 +10 ft.
4th +4 +2 +2 +1 Heavy Metal +4 1 0 0 +10 ft.
5th +5 +3 +3 +2 Impact 0 0 0 +10 ft.
6th +6 +3 +3 +2 Death from Above 1 1 0 +20 ft.
7th +7 +4 +4 +2 Heavy Metal +6 0 0 0 +20 ft.
8th +8 +4 +4 +3 Immovable 1 0 1 +20 ft.
9th +9 +5 +5 +3 Ground Pound 0 1 0 +30 ft.
10th +10 +5 +5 +3 Leaden Blade Stride, Heavy Metal +8 1 0 0 +30 ft.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the gravity warrior.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Gravity Warriors gain no additional weapon or armor proficiencies.


At every odd level, a gravity warrior gains new maneuvers known from the Riven Hourglass, Neutron Valkyrie and Fool’s Errand disciplines. He must meet a maneuver’s prerequisites to learn it. He adds his full gravity warrior levels to his initiator level to determine his total initiator level and his highest- level maneuvers known.

At 3rd, 6th and 9th levels, he gains an additional maneuver readied per day, and at 2nd, 5th, and 8th levels he may exchange a known maneuver for a different maneuver that he qualifies for.

Stances Known

At 3rd level a gravity warrior learns a new martial stance from the Riven Hourglass, Neutron Valkyrie and Piercing Thunder disciplines. He must meet the stance’s prerequisites to learn it.

Gravitational Strength of Arms (Ex)

A gravity warrior wielding a weapon made of neutronium may treat it as two size categories larger for the purposes of dealing damage. This effect does not stack with stack with any other effect that treats weapons as being larger without actually being larger. In addition, when wearing armor made of neutronium the gravity warrior treats is as being one size category lighter. If the armor is light, then they are treated as not wearing armor for the purposes of effects that prohibit or penalize wearing armor.

Heavy Metal (Ex)

At first level, the gravity warrior gains a +2 enhancement bonus to all strength checks and carrying capacity but not to attack or damage rolls. As a free action, they may add apply this enhancement bonus to their strength score for the purposes of attack and damage rolls for a number of rounds equal to their class level plus their initiation modifier. These rounds need not be consecutive.

At fourth level and every three levels after this bonus increases by +2.

Fast Movement (Ex)

A gravity warrior gains an enhancement bonus to his land speed, as shown on Table: gravity warrior. If the gravity warrior already possesses this class feature from another class (ex. monk), then they instead advance that progression.

Lighten Density (Ex)

At second level, a gravity warrior ignores the effects of difficult terrain and may run across liquids. If they end their movement on a liquid, they will fall in.

Anti-Gravity Leap (Ex)

At third level, a gravity warrior may choose to use their strength modifier for acrobatics rolls instead of dexterity. In addition, the DC for high jumps uses the table for long jumps instead. The gravity warrior may choose where they land after so long as they have met the DC for the jump and it is within double their movement. Fall damage taken is treated as all dice having rolled ones.

Impact (Ex)

At 5th level, when a gravity warrior is wielding a weapon in two hands they add twice their Strength modifier to their damage rolls, instead of the normal 1.5 times. Similarly, if they are a wielding a weapon in one hand they add 1.5 times his Strength modifier to his damage rolls, and if they are dual-wielding, they add 1.5 times their Strength modifier to their damage rolls for their primary weapon, and only half of their Strength modifier to their damage rolls to their offhand weapon.

Death From Above (Ex)

At sixth level when a gravity warrior attacks an enemy, they may add an additional 1d6 points to their damage roll for every 10 ft they fell that round before reaching that target, up to a maximum of 20d6. In addition, so long as they reach the enemy with an acrobatics jump check, a charge need not be in a straight line against an opponent. This only includes the amount they fell toward the target.

Immovable (Ex)

At 8th level, the gravity warrior is considered one size category larger for the purposes of resisting CMB checks and CMB rolls. In addition, the gravity warrior may choose to increase their current weight (including their worn equipment) by four times as a free action.

Ground Pound (Ex)

At 9th level, when a gravity warrior utilizes their Death From Above Ability, they may make a single attack roll against all enemies within 5 ft. per point of initiation modifier radius and apply a single damage roll. In addition, all enemies within that radius must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + class level + initiation modifier) or be knocked prone.

Leaden Blade Stride (Ex)

At 10th level, the gravity warrior has mastered controlling gravity on a precise level. With the Leaden Blades Strike stance (treated as a Neutron Valkyrie, Riven Hourglass, and Fool’s Errand stance) they are treated as two size categories larger for CMB rolls and resisting CMB checks. In addition, they modify their Gravitational Arms and Armor feature to increase their weapon size category to four times, reduce their armor category by two, and increase the damage dice from their Death From Above ability from 1d6 to 2d6, to a maximum of 40d6. In addition, they never suffer from fall damage.

Gravity Warrior

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