House Rules


  • Fractional BAB and Saves are in effect
  • No arcane casters (they exist, but are not developed enough to be player characters)
  • Setting lacks firearms – Only bolt ace gunslinger is allowed
  • Magic Item Crafting is banned (Items can be commissioned at half-price if/when the proper resource is acquired except for Alchemist craft potion)
  • Raise Dead/Reincarnate do not work in the setting at the moment. Psionic equivalents do not bring back “souls”. Rather, the body is rebuilt with a new personality retaining the skills but not the memories of the person in question.

Allowed Material


  • Mostly everything base game with the exception of divine or arcane spellcasters
    • Divine Vancian Casters are now unlocked. They do not count as psionic, but divine.
  • Occult allowed
  • Cybertech allowed (Must acquire appropriate resource)

Dreamscarred Press

  • Path of War
  • Psionics
  • Monster Classes
  • Akashic Mysteries
  • Steelforge
  • Bloodforge: Esoteric Energies

Drop Dead Studios

  • Spheres of Power
    • Flavor is Psionic – levels count as manifester levels and effects can be counteracted by Dispel Psionics, Null Psionics Field
  • Spheres of Might

Free Feats

  • Intimidating Prowess
  • Two-Weapon Fighting (Must qualify)
  • Weapon Finesse
  • Power Attack (Must qualify)
  • Point Blank Shot (If gained through class feature, gain Precise Shot instead)
  • Pirahnna Strike
  • Deadly Aim
  • Humanoid Form (Must qualify)
  • Hindrance Dismissal

Race Modifications

  • Elemental derived races (Udine, Iffrit, etc) adds aberration subtype
  • Elementals and magical beasts add the aberration subtype
  • Replace dwarf stats with duergar (psionic race) and remove Light Sensitivity
  • All Outsiders breathe, eat, and sleep with the exception of those possessing the elemental subtype.
  • All Outsiders progress through age categories and with the age maximums as a Tiefling with the exception of those possessing the elemental subtype.

House Rules

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